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Dive Into The Tank
Dive Into The Tank

Welcome to
What makes different from any other website is the ability to Build-Your-Own-Fish online and release them into the Virtual FishTank(TM) exhibits at the Museum Of Science, Boston, and the St. Louis Science Center.

You can create your own fish, save them, go to the Museum and use an interactive kiosk to retrieve and release them into the Museum tank. This represents a new dimension for museum exhibits, where traditional walls disappear and the experience is available in homes and schools everywhere. We could explain to you for days about how simple rules can lead to complex behaviors, but, really, isn't just experiencing that here online a lot more fun?


  1. Click Dive Into The Tank when you're ready to get started. The fishtank will automatically download the Shockwave plug-in if you need it. This normally takes 3-5 minutes over a 56k connection.
  2. Registered users can log in, new users can create an account by answering a few short questions.
  3. Logging In gives you 4 fish to "build", modify, and save, and lets you release your fish into the Museum of Science tank.
  4. Click "Build Your Own Fish" to change your fish's traits.
  5. Give your fish a name and pick a letter to label your fish. Your fish is automatically saved whenever your fish enters one of the funnels.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I keep getting "script errors".
    You probably don't have a sound card. Try our no-sound version of the fishtank.
  2. How many fish can I build?
    You get a total of 4 fish. But you can modify those 4 as many times as you want.
  3. Does this work on Apple iPhone?
    Unfortunately, iPhone does not currently support the Shockwave plug-in.

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